When my leather dress shoes get wet, what do I do?

Don't be concerned about your shoes getting wet. Leather is totally capable of handling water. It is what you do after they get wet that determines whether you will shorten the lifespan of the leather or not. Follow the steps below for proper care:

1. As soon as you get home, get a cloth and wipe the excess water from the surface of the shoe and 

2. Insert shoe trees into your shoes so they don't wrinkle during the drying process. You may buy shoe trees on Amazon or at your nearest shoe repair shop.

3. Never put your shoes next to a radiator or a source of heat because it will make the leather become hard and cause the shoes to shrink and crack. Cracked leather cannot be fixed or restored. Always allow the shoes to dry at room temperature.

4. Once the shoes are fully dry. Apply leather conditioner generously with a cloth in all areas of the shoe, but especially in the area where the shoe creases when you walk in them. You may also buy leather conditioner on Amazon or at your nearest shoe repair shop.

5. Once they are dry, apply a second generous coat of leather conditioner to continue to allow the leather to regain its moisture. 

6. After the leather is dry, you may polish the shoes using shoe cream and wax.

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