Our Story

Bondeno is a family owned company founded in Florence, Italy, and since 1908, our local Florentine shoemakers have been crafting the finest shoes and boots for men.

Our bespoke shoes are now offered in London, New York, Boston, Washington D.C., Miami, Beverly Hills, and Taipei.

The ''Handmade'' Standard

Our handmade shoes crafted in our small family workshop in Italy carry traits that are not found in shoes made in factory assembly lines. When Picasso draws a perfect circle by hand we know it could never be as perfect as one drawn using a compass, but just like some people will still prefer the one by Picasso, to this day many prefer handmade shoes because they provide the quality and elegance that machines cannot replicate. Our shoes are hand-welted, hand-lasted and hand-soled. 

Painted Like a Work of Art

 When it comes to colors, we offer a choice between our solid colors, or our traditional hand-painted patinas. Our patina colors are applied by hand, so the colors on each pair of shoes will vary slightly each time. Hand-painted colors gradually change over time and develop into beautiful patinas, whereas solid colors on calf leathers dyed at the tannery will keep the same color overtime.

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