Bondeno Bespoke Shoes New York

Men's dress shoes seem to be the most difficult shoe category to shop for because they can easily create discomfort and cause damage to our feet. If you happen to own a pair of shoes that have become very comfortable over the years through regular wear, they have essentially become a negative mold of your feet, holding extremely valuable and accurate information about every contour of your feet. If you would like to recreate this exact same fit before the leather starts to crack, we can help.

Fit Recreation Process

Reverse Engineering & Bespoke Last Sculpting

We use our reverse engineering process to obtain the exact dimensions of the interior of your dress shoes or boots and proceed with our 3D model rebuilding process to sculpt the left and right shoe lasts from scratch, which is the mold used to craft your final shoes. This set of moulds can be repeatedly used for future orders. We never mirror copy the left shoe last dimensions to the right shoe last or vice versa as we have yet to come across two shoes/feet that are exactly the same.

Style Recreation Process

We may recreate the design of your favorite dress shoes or boots, you may select a design from our classic collection, or request a completely new design. The design you choose will be custom patterned using your personal custom lasts. We never use a pre-existing pattern.


Our shoes and boots crafted using our recreation services are priced at $870 for shoes and $970 for boots using French A-grade full-grain calfskin produced in the South of France by Tanneries du Puy. This tannery is owned by the Hermes Group

Leather specifications

For centuries, calfskin has been regarded by shoemakers as the best type of leather for shoemaking due to its durability and comfort. We use French A Grade full-grain calfskin that measures between 1.2 to 1.4 mm in thickness for our traditional dress shoes and boots. If you have a specific request, please reach out to us.


Contact us to see if your shoes or boots are still in the proper condition to have its fit recreated