bondeno custom made shoes

If your first pair of shoes don't fit you exactly the way you want, we’ll remake them—free of charge.

Our exhaustive, detailed and innovative measurement process improved and attuned over the course of 100 years by 5 generations of bespoke specialists allow us to avoid crafting a pair of trial shoes, letting us directly craft the final pair of shoes.

We also offer a free lifetime shoe-last modification program. As we grow older, our feet continue to widen and our arches start to fall. This service allows for each new shoe order to fit you as well as the last, taking into account your latest foot changes.

The most important aspect of any custom shoe is its fit. Two steps are critical to ensure the right fit. The first step is the ability to take proper measurements. The measuring process may seem easy and straight forward, but it is actually a skilled craft which takes many years to perfect. The second step is the ability to sculpt shoe lasts that are biomechanically accurate as well as comfortable from those measurements. This can only be done by a skilled and seasoned last maker. To ensure a proper fit, Bondeno utilizes the following 2 techniques.

1. Measuring & Fit

Bondeno's master measurement specialist in New York has been trained directly by our master shoemaker in Italy. If an incorrect measurement is taken, an incorrect fit will result. If your measurements are not taken correctly, the best last maker will not be able to make your shoes fit. Our measurement specialist is so skilled that the majority of new clients require no changes to the dimensions of their shoe lasts unless the client undergoes a considerable change in the volume of his feet during a very short period of time. 

2. Last Sculpting

Bondeno is a pioneer in last making tecniques. Once measurements are taken, they need to be translated into a shoe last. Each client receives their own unique set of lasts. No two lasts are the same. “Made-to-Measure” shoemakers will use a stock numbered last and make slight modifications to try and match the measurements and shape of the foot. This is not true custom. A true bespoke custom last is sculpted from scratch, from a block of wood, and this is how Bondeno has approached last making from the beginning. 


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