We guarantee that each pair of shoes we craft will be made using the exact dimensions, measurements, and fit settings you provide.
If your first pair of shoes do not fit you flawlessly, this could happen for 2 reasons.
1. During the 10 to 12 weeks of production time, your feet underwent changes in dimension caused from seasonal temperature and humidity change.
2. You chose either slightly too much or too little snugness for your fit preference when you placed your order.
If either of these 2 things happened and you need a minor adjustment for them to fit you perfectly, since shoes can not be altered the way suits or shirts can, we have the following options available:
1. You may request free adjustments to your personal custom shoe lasts every time you place a new order, and also for the reality that your feet changes dimensions over the course of your lifetime.
2. You may return your shoes and request a remake of the shoes with any adjustments you need for the price of $350 a pair.
3. If you decide Bondeno is not for you, you may return your shoes for a 50% refund. Return shipping is not included. 
Is there are way to know if I will be the type of client who will need an adjustment?
The reason our custom made shoes are priced starting at $770 per pair is because they do not include remakes. Our traditional full bespoke service which includes shoe remakes start at $2100. Since over the years we saw that over 80% of the clients who purchased our full bespoke services did not request remakes of their shoes, we decided to start offering our custom lasted shoes at $770 per pair and offer the remake service for $350 a pair only if the client needs it. We saw that the roughly 20% of clients who did request remakes had medical  related issues.



As of July 2020, delivery time is 10 to 12 weeks. Delivery times vary month-to-month depending on demand.