The price of our shoes and boots include the sculpting of a set of bespoke lasts made to craft your shoes or boots. Your personal lasts will be stored at our warehouse in Italy to be used again if future orders are placed. If you would like to only purchase your personal lasts so that a different shoemaker may craft your shoes, we do offer this option at $500 per pair of shoe lasts or boot lasts. Please contact us directly for this service.

Our bespoke lasts are carved from scratch from a block of wood using the client's foot shape, dimensions and fit preferences. We never use or modify stock/numbered lasts. Every set of lasts are individually created specifically for each client.

By Foot Shape: step into our Bio-Foam® precision impression molds, engineered by Smithers Bio-Medical Systems from the comfort of your home (details).
By Fit Recreation: recreate the exact fitting of your most comfortable pair of shoes or boots with our reverse engineering process (details).

This bespoke shoe last order comes with a 15 to 30 minute Zoom video call to guide you on how to properly step into our Bio-Foam® Precision Foam Blocks and custom design the toe shape of your shoe lasts. You may book the appointment here.

6 weeks