How to keep your leather dress shoes from pronounced creasing?

Creasing in leather shoes is normal, but there are things that can be done to keep your shoes from showing very pronounced creases. From my experience, after having worn ready-to-wear and bespoke custom shoes, the main reason why leather shows pronounced creasing behind the toe box area is due to a shoe that is too large for our feet. It is the extra leather that gives room for the shoe to crease and stay creased. I have been wearing this pair of cap-toe oxfords for 2 to 3 times a week for the past 18 months and I have been able to keep them in this state basically using the two tips below: 1. Using leather conditioning regularly on your shoes...

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How long will it take to break in my new leather dress shoes?

We all wish we could skip this step, but even the Queen of England is known to hire women to wear her new shoes first before she does.  How long it takes to break into your new leather shoes will depend on the construction of the welt, the fit, and the leather used. Blake stitched shoes will normally take less time than Goodyear welted shoes because the sole is much thinner, but Goodyear welted shoes made of full grain calfskin from Italy or France takes on average a day or two of wear before the leather softens and starts to mold to your feet. If shoes don't get more and more comfortable after this period of time, then the problem lies with...

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When my leather dress shoes get wet, what do I do?

Don't be concerned about your shoes getting wet. Leather is totally capable of handling water. It is what you do after they get wet that determines whether you will shorten the lifespan of the leather or not. Follow the steps below for proper care: 1. As soon as you get home, get a cloth and wipe the excess water from the surface of the shoe and  2. Insert shoe trees into your shoes so they don't wrinkle during the drying process. You may buy shoe trees on Amazon or at your nearest shoe repair shop. 3. Never put your shoes next to a radiator or a source of heat because it will make the leather become hard and cause the shoes to shrink...

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