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Custom Sculpted Lasts

We begin by obtaining an exact replica of each foot that captures shape and volume, elasticity indexes, and the exact thickness of the socks that the client regularly wears with his dress shoes. We also ask about any specific areas that require special consideration due to pain or discomfort and perform a few tests to learn the exact type of fitting the client has a preference for.

The information is used by our last maker in Italy to individually design and carve from scratch the left and right bespoke shoe lasts for a true custom fit. We never modify a pre-existing numbered last. Our bespoke last sculpting service is included in the price of $770 for shoes and $870 for boots using French A-Grade full-grain calfskin from Hermès.

Freedom of Expression

The possibilities in designs for our bespoke shoes are unlimited. From any of our house styles to a model that the client wants to create, everything is possible. The pattern will be custom designed and cut using the client's personalized lasts.

When it comes to sole constructions, we offer 4 types: a single leather Blake construction, a double leather Blake Rapid construction, a Goodyear welt, or a full Vibram rubber sole. 

Leather Produced by Hermès

We use premium A-Grade full-grain calfskin produced by Tanneries du Puy owned by the Hermès Group located in the South of France. We also offer a range of exotic leathers upon request.

Tanneries du Puy • Hermès Group

Pricing & Delivery Times

Our bespoke shoes and boots are priced at $770 and $870 respectively, using premium A-grade French full-grain calfskin produced by Hermès. The price also includes our custom last carving service using the client's exact measurements and foot shape. Pricing for exotic leathers will be provided upon request.

Our delivery time is 6 weeks from the day the order is placed. 

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Book a complimentary consultation to view our house collection and learn about our measurement and shoemaking process. If you decide to place an order, our bespoke specialist will take your measurements and walk you through the bespoke shoe customization process.

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