Custom stitched and fitted shoes

From the comfort of your home, step in and out of our Bio-Foam® precision foot molds, engineered and made by Smithers Bio-Medical Systems in Kent, Ohio.

Our unique process allows us to obtain an exact replica of each individual foot up to 6 inches above the ankle bones, that include their volume, dimensions, fitting preferences, and elasticity indexes throughout different areas of your feet so that a set of bespoke personalized shoe lasts (shown in the picture above) can be sculpted to craft your footwear order. This set of shoe lasts are then used by our master shoemakers in Italy to craft your order in the style and color you commission.

To see a list of the most common fitting problems we regularly help our clients solve, please click here.

If you wear insoles or custom prescription orthotics, our foot shape acquisition process also allows us to obtain their exact dimensions so that the proper amount of room is created when making your bespoke shoes or boots. Depending on how thick your insoles are, we are able to make the shoe higher around your ankles, so that your feet won't slip out of the shoes once the insoles or orthotics are inserted.



You can always reach us by phone or email at 212-903-5650 or

1. Ordering

A custom fitted shoe or boot order may be placed through our website from our classic bespoke collection. If you need assistance with placing an order, please call us at 212-903-5650 or email us at

2. Bio-Foam® box delivery to your doorstep

On the next business day after you have placed your order, we will ship to you our Bio-Foam® box and email you a UPS tracking number. Delivery will take 2 to 4 business days through UPS inside the US and Canada, or 4 to 7 business days through DHL Worldwide Express outside the US and Canada.

3. Foot Shape Acquisition Process

Once you receive our Bio-Foam® molds, you may follow our instructions manual included in the box. If any part of the manual is unclear, you may book a Zoom video call here to obtain live guidance from our bespoke specialist. You may also email or call us for quick questions at 212-903-5650 or We use an exact replica of your left and right foot shape, dimensions, fitting preferences, and elasticity indexes to craft your bespoke shoes or boots.

      4. Return Bio-Foam® box with prepaid UPS return label

      Once you have completed the foot shape acquisition process, please use the insured and prepaid sticker return label included in the original box to ship back to us your foot molds.

      5. Toe box blueprint verification

      Once we receive your foot molds, we will email you within 3 business days a blueprint of your shoe lasts. The goal is to make sure that you are fully satisfied with how the toe box of your shoes will look given your specific foot shape in terms of how round or pointy they are. You may request as many revisions as needed. Each revision takes 1 business day for us to produce.

      6. Shoe or boot last carving

      Once you have approved the blueprint of your lasts, our last maker will proceed with the physical carving of your lasts, which takes 10 business days.

      7. Final design and color confirmation

      As we wait for the carving of your lasts, we will email you one last time to confirm your order's design and color details. Up to this point, any design specifications can be changed.

      8. Shoemaking process

      One of our master shoemakers in Italy will use your personal lasts to begin the crafting of your bespoke shoes or boots. The shoemaking process takes 12 weeks from beginning to end.

      9. Order delivery

      Once your shoes are fully completed, we will reach out to you to ensure your delivery address is up to date. Once confirmed, your order will be shipped to you using insured and trackable UPS or DHL Worldwide Express within 2 to 7  business days depending on the US state or country you live in. Your tracking number will be sent to your email address.

      10. Receiving and wearing your bespoke shoes or boots

      Once you receive your shoes or boots, please try them on while wearing the same socks you wore during your foot impression process. We believe you will experience something truly amazing if you have never worn bespoke shoes before as they are made to mold to your feet. We offer a fit guarantee to make sure that our shoes or boots fit you exactly the way you want. If you need assistance, please reach out to us for help.

      Please visit our Fit Guarantee page and our Workmanship Warranty page for more information.