What does the price of $770 for shoes and $870 for boots include?

The starting price of $770 for shoes and $870 for boots include a set of bespoke custom carved shoe or boot lasts using your measurements and foot shape. If the shoe style or design you want is not in our house collection, we may replicate or custom create a new pattern at no extra cost. Regarding the upper, we use A-grade French full-grain calfskin produced by Hermès. For pricing on exotic leathers, please contact us for details.

Where are Bondeno's shoes made?

Bondeno was founded in Florence, Italy. Our lasts and shoes are crafted from beginning to end by our 5th generation shoemakers in Italy who have been crafting the finest shoes and boots since 1908.

How many weeks does it take to craft a pair of Bondeno's bespoke shoes?

The process takes between 6 to 8 weeks from the day the order is placed.

What happens if my feet are 2 different sizes?

We carve your left and right wooden shoe lasts individually using your exact left and right foot measurements and shape. 

Will my insoles or orthotics properly fit inside my shoes?

If you wear insoles or orthotics, we will measure you with your insoles underneath your feet, so the extra room is provided when carving your custom lasts.

How many steps does it take to craft a pair of Bondeno's shoes?

We employ over 190 unique steps to craft each pair of our bespoke shoes, comparable to Berluti, John Lobb, Gaziano & Girling, Corthay, George Cleverly, Edward Green, J.M. Weston, Santoni, and other traditional Italian, French, and British bespoke shoemakers.
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