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We guarantee that each pair of bespoke shoes or boots we craft are made using an exact replica of your left and right foot dimensions, and adjusted to match your fitting preferences. If we fail to do so, it is our obligation to remake them at no cost to you.

After each bespoke shoe or boot order is completed, our quality control process reverse engineers the exact interior dimensions of your shoes or boots to compare them with your original foot dimensions and fitting preferences to have the certainty that your correct foot information was used, and not that of a different client.  


The height of our arches and foot dimensions change overtime due to the natural aging process of our feet. We offer free adjustments to your lasts every time you place a new order. Any adjustments to your lasts are applied to your original bespoke lasts stored at our warehouse in Italy.

If you would like to learn how to find out about foot dimension changes if a few years have passed since your last purchase, please reach out to us so a bespoke specialist may provide help.