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We made a commitment since our company was founded that Bondeno will always, without exception, be responsible for any fit related problem that arises from craftsmanship error. If this were ever to happen, we would remake your shoes or boots at no extra cost to you.

Once your shoes have been crafted, we go through our reverse engineering process to test the sizing of your shoes to ensure that they match the negative of your original foot molds before delivering them to you.

The Bio-Foam® Precision Foot Impression Molds we deliver to you provides us with an exact replica of each of your individual feet. We create a negative of these molds to carve a pair of custom shoe lasts to craft your shoes or boots.


We offer free adjustments to your lasts every time you place a new order. Our foot dimensions change along with changes in temperature and humidity as the seasons unfold and also due to the natural aging process of our feet. Any adjustments to your lasts are applied to your original bespoke shoe lasts stored at our warehouse in Italy.