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Philip Danisi

Southhampton, New York

"I have found Bondeno to be incredibly professional. Most importantly, Bondeno’s shoes are incredible. The highest quality, and perfect bespoke fit. Charles at Bondeno has catered to my every request and inquiry. I am a client for life."


Ted Unruh

Sinclair, Canada

"My experience working with Charles to order my shoes was fantastic!  I was worried about how they'd fit and look but they are unbelievable, they make me feel incredible when I wear them!"



Benjamin Dietrich

New York, New York

"Buying bespoke via Bondeno through Charles was a very positive experience. We felt in good hands right from the start. The measurement process was professional and all our questions were answered thoroughly. The end result are great shoes at a fair price. Way to go!"



Eric Schaal

New York, New York

"Charles helped me get a beautiful pair of custom dress shoes with exactly the fit I needed. Bondeno's quality of workmanship and materials are up there with the best shoes I've ever owned."



Jim Egart

Seattle, Washington

"I was attracted by the Italian craftsmanship and I ordered a pair of derbies in hand painted midnight blue. The shoes came out beautiful and the fit was spot on and very comfortable. Over the years, my biggest challenge was to find shoes with enough width in the forefoot and heel areas and also my left foot is larger than my right foot. When I first wore my pair of Bondeno shoes, I knew they carved each last individually because both shoes provided the same fit, instead of one shoe bigger than the other from when I buy off the rack. I am glad they have solved this problem for me and I am pleased with the attentive service I received from Charles."



Jeremy Hudson

Boston, Massachusetts

"The quality of the leather, the workmanship, and the fit were all very good."



Kyle Smith

Charlotte, North Carolina

"Thank you Charles, and the whole Bondeno team for the beautiful black, perfectly crafted calfskin dress shoes. It gives me great satisfaction to inform you of their top shelf status in my shoe closet."



Stewart Eng


"Placed an order for a pair of bespoke shoes from Bondeno in New York. Charles, assisted me in the ordering process as I am stationed out of the US. After receiving the shoes in a timely manner, the workmanship is impeccable and the quality of leather, right up to the customer service offered as well as the shoe fit is great."



John Goer

Santiago, Chile

"I have never tried bespoke before so I booked a video call appointment to see their shoes and learn about the measurement and shoemaking process. After learning about the measurement process, the custom last carving and the materials they use, I decided to give it a try since I have always felt discomfort due to my wider feet. The shoes were made beautifully and they are very comfortable to wear. I have ordered 4 pairs since 2017 and I haven't been able to find better quality and fit at a better price, so 5 starts it is for Bondeno and I am glad that I found them."



David Rosenthal

Washington D.C.

"I enjoyed the whole experience from the measurement process to the customization of my shoes. It has been about a month since I picked them up and the shoes are really comfortable to walk in."



Jason Miller

Auckland, New Zealand

"I always had a hard time finding shoes that fit me properly. The measurement process was a great experience and the shoes fit me very well. The only issue I had was that it took an extra 10 days to receive them."



John Ason

Austin, Texas

"I have worked in men's fashion for the past 7 years and I have decent knowledge about suits and shoes. I wear a size 13 and I can't remember a time when the width of my shoes did not bother me or the top of my shoes didn't cause redness on my instep. After having worn my first pair of custom made shoes for 3 weeks, I find the calf leather very supple and comfortable to walk in. Regarding the fit, I was impressed by the measurement process. It was so detailed that I expected a perfect fitting shoe. Well, if there is such a thing as a perfect fitting shoe, then I guess this is it. 5 starts for Bondeno. Job well done."



James Davis

Miami, Florida

"A friend recommended me to get a pair of custom made shoes from Bondeno. I have never worn custom made shoes before since my feet are pretty standard, but after trying my first pair, it is pretty amazing the difference from standard sized shoes. I have been wearing them for 3 months now and they feel so comfortable that I haven't been wearing my regular sized shoes. I am waiting for my next pair to arrive."



John Oliver

Houston, Texas

"I am very happy with how the custom made shoes fit me and with the quality of the shoes. Certainly the most comfortable pair of shoes I have ever purchased."



Josh Fischer

Chicago, Illinois

"The customer service was pleasant and the custom made shoes fitted me comfortably. Always enjoyed handmade Italian shoes."



James Turner

North Arlington, New Jersey

"Beautiful shoes. Never tried bespoke before. They are truly incredible in terms of fit."