Our bespoke shoes are crafted by our 5th generation Italian artisans since 1908.

Each pair of shoes involve over 250 unique steps to complete.

The design of our shoes are sometimes originated from the wishes and specific needs of the client. The design is enhanced with personalization, which starts with the planning and shaping phases.
Pattern design for a bespoke shoe
The cutting of the leather that creates the upper is done exclusively by hand, to ensure that only the best leather is chosen for each specific design. 
Pattern cutting for a bespoke shoe
Each pair of our uppers is crafted from beginning to end by a single artisan. This guarantees a precise and accurate semi-finished product, perfect in the smallest details, whether it is visible or not. 
leather stitching to create the pattern
The shoe takes shape in this stage. This is done mostly by hand, with pliers, hammer and nails, just like the handmade tradition demands.
Stretching the leather on top of the shoe lasts
Before and after the stitching of the sole, many tasks are necessary to bring to completion the creation of a reliable and comfortable shoe. They are very specific tasks, crucial in making the product unmistakably unique.
Custom Made Shoe
All our shoes are polished using only the best creams. The final result is a clean shoe that shines naturally.
finished bespoke shoes on marble