Bondeno Bespoke Shoes New York

Men's dress shoes seem to be the most difficult shoe category to shop for because they can easily create discomfort and cause damage to our feet. If you happen to own a pair of shoes that have become very comfortable over the years through regular wear, they have essentially become a negative mold of your feet, holding extremely valuable and accurate information about every contour of your feet. If you would like to recreate this exact same fit before the leather starts to crack, we can help.

Exact Fit Recreation Process

Reverse Engineering & Bespoke Last Sculpting

We use our proprietary reverse engineering process to obtain the exact dimensions of the interior of your dress shoes or boots and proceed with our model rebuilding process to sculpt the left and right shoe lasts from scratch, which is the mold used to craft your final shoes. This set of bespoke lasts can be repeatedly used for future orders. We never mirror copy the left shoe last dimensions to the right shoe last or vice versa as we have yet to come across two shoes/feet that are exactly the same even if the shoes were originally numbered off-the-rack shoes.

Style Recreation Process

We may recreate the design of your favorite dress shoes or boots, you may select a design from our classic collection, or request a completely new design. The design you choose will be custom patterned using your personal custom lasts. We never use pre-existing patterns.


Our fit recreation process is included in the price of our bespoke shoes and boots. Our bespoke shoes and boots start at  $970 and $1120 respectively. 




A bespoke shoe or boot order by fit recreation may be placed through our website, by phone, or email.


Insured & Trackable Shipping Label

Once your order is placed, on the next business day, we will email you a shipping label so you may ship to us the pair of shoes or boots you would like to have recreated to our fit recreation workshop in New York. We will receive your shoes within 2 to 4 business days through insured & trackable UPS if you live inside the US or Canada, or 7-10 business days through insured and trackable DHL Worldwide Express if you live outside the US or Canada.


Zoom Video Call

Once you ship us your shoes, if you would like, you may book a 15 to 30 minute Zoom video conference call with our bespoke specialist to go over the fit recreation of your shoes or boots using this link, which we will also email to your inbox. 


Fit Recreation Time

Our fit recreation process takes 10 business days from the day we receive your shoes. Once the process is complete, we will ship your shoes back to you using insured and trackable UPS or DHL Worldwide Express. 


Last Sculpting

Once the fit recreation process is complete, our last maker will proceed with the carving of your personal bespoke lasts. This process takes 10 business days. 


Shoemaking Process

Now that your lasts are completed, our shoemaker will use your personal lasts to begin the crafting of your shoes. The shoemaking process takes a total of 12 weeks. A big portion of this time is spent allowing the leather upper to be stretched on top of your bespoke lasts so that your shoes will keep the shape of your lasts once they are removed from your shoes. To learn about each step of the shoemaking process, please visit our craftsmanship page.


Shoe Delivery

Your shoes, once fully completed, will be shipped to your home using insured and trackable UPS or DHL shipping and take anywhere between 3 to 10 business days depending on the country you live in. Your tracking number will be sent to you by email and text message.


Putting on Your Bespoke Shoes or Boots

Once your receive your shoes, please try them on. We believe you will find it incredible to know that going forward, every pair of shoes you order through us will fit you exactly like the last pair you owned. If you have any questions or concerns after you receive your bespoke shoes, please reach out to us so we may help.