Sole Thickness: 12 mm = 0.48 inches

The Blake-Rapid triple leather sole construction can be described as a continuation of the single leather Blake Stitch construction. It adds an outsole, covering the Blake stitches underneath. To properly attach the outsole, Rapid stitching is introduced around the perimeter of the midsole and outsole, producing a welted look like that of the Goodyear. The first sole is sewn from the inside together with the upper and the insole, while the second and third sole is joined to the first with a seam outside, obtaining improved isolation from the elements, making it easy to resole, comparable to the Goodyear welt. This means that the thickness of the Blake-Rapid triple leather sole mimics that of the Goodyear welt, but adding a third 4 mm layer, making it sturdier and even more weatherproof, while enjoying a low cost and efficient stitching process. Resoling is easy as detailing the outsole does not affect the structure of the Blake Stitch underneath.