Most men have at some point purchased leather dress shoes that felt comfortable when trying them out at the store or in their home's living room, but as soon as they step out on to the street and spend a few hours walking in them, they start noticing areas around their feet that have turned red or tender due to the shoe being too tight in some areas.

We are aware that most men have a few pairs of shoes in their closet that they seldom wear due to their poor fit. Our bespoke shoe stretchers made using your exact foot shape and fitting preferences allows you to stretch the shoes that you already own so that they are given a second chance to serve the purpose they were originally made for.

Our bespoke stretchers are ideal to expand shoes that are too tight in the forefoot, big toe, and small toe areas. It can also help stretch your shoes around the instep area if they are loafers, but to a lesser degree if they have shoelaces. Our stretchers can help when the shoes are tight, but they rarely work when the shoes are flat out small due to the stretching limitations of leather.


1. Ordering

A bespoke shoe stretcher order may be placed here. If you need assistance with placing an order, please call us at 212-903-5650, text us at 917-398-0980, or email us at

2. Bio-Foam® box delivery to your doorstep

On the next business day after you have placed your order, we will ship to you our Bio-Foam® box and email you a UPS tracking number. Delivery will take 2 to 4 business days through UPS inside the US and Canada, or 4 to 7 business days through DHL Worldwide Express outside the US and Canada.

3. Foot Shape Acquisition Process

Once you receive our Bio-Foam® molds, you may follow our instructions manual included in the box. If any part of the manual is unclear, you may book a Zoom video call here to obtain live guidance from our bespoke specialist. We use an exact replica of your left and right foot shape, dimensions, fitting preferences, and elasticity indexes to craft your bespoke shoes or boots.

      4. Return Bio-Foam® box with prepaid UPS return label

      Once you have completed the foot shape acquisition process, please use the insured and prepaid sticker return label included in the original box to ship back to us your foot molds.

      5. Shoe stretcher carving

      The physical carving and assembly of your bespoke shoe stretchers takes 3 weeks to complete. 

      6. Order delivery

      Once your order is fully completed, we will reach out to you to confirm your delivery address is up to date. Once confirmed, your order will be shipped to you using insured and trackable UPS or DHL Worldwide Express within 2 to 7  business days depending on the US state or country you live in. Your tracking number will be sent to your email address.

      7. Receiving and using your bespoke shoe stretchers

      Once you receive your bespoke stretchers, you will find in the box a manual with instructions on how to properly stretch your shoes. We will include a bottle with a special spray that can be applied before the stretchers are inserted into your shoes to help the leather soften before the stretching process begins.

      If you have any questions regarding our shoe stretchers, please email us at so we may help answer them.