Bespoke Custom Fitted Single Monk Strap shoe for men
Bondeno's generational shoemakers have been crafting bespoke shoes since 1908. Bondeno's bespoke shoes and boots have walked to all four corners of the earth. While bespoke is often considered a luxury, we also create footwear for those who simply can not fit into a pair of off-the-rack shoes.
We now offer custom fittings from the comfort of your home with our Bio-Foam® foot molds engineered by Smithers Bio-Medical Systems. 
Within our Florentine workshop, our master shoemakers are following in the foot steps of generations of exceedingly skilled and dedicated artisans since 1908. The leathers and skins we use for bespoke projects are specially picked to make sure they are of the highest quality.
Our shoemakers follow a traditional process unchanged in close to 2 centuries and with over 200 unique steps to complete each pair of bespoke shoes. 
We obtain an exact replica of your foot shape and dimensions and use that information to carve using 2 blocks of wood a pair of bespoke lasts, unique to each foot.
Once your shoe lasts are complete, we are able to build the shoe or boot you have requested around it. The result is a unique shoe that fits the contours of your feet perfectly.
Bespoke shoes are handcrafted shoes made specifically for a client by a shoemaker. The foot shape and measurements are taken and a set of lasts are carved from 2 blocks of wood. During the measurement process, the client is able to decide the type of fitting he would be interested in having. The spectrum goes from snug to roomy, which will be dependent on the client's preferences. Once the final lasts are created, the client can order more pairs of shoes without the need to be measured again.
We specialize in dress shoes, being able to craft the following types of shoe styles:
Bluchers, brogues, derbies, monks, oxfords, wingtips, and wholecuts.
Nothing makes us happier than to share the names of some of the best remaining bespoke shoemakers in the world, hoping that the art of bespoke shoemaking is never lost and continues to provide its service for generations to come:
Antonio Meccariello, Berluti, Bontoni, Corthay, Yohei Fukuda, Santoni, Riccardo Bestetti, Noriyuki Misawa, Masaru Okuyama, Hiro Yaganimachi, Gaziano & Girling, George Cleverly, and Edward Green