Precise Foot Shape Acquisition

Our shoes and boots are made using your exact foot shape and volume. Our exact foot shape acquisition process may be enjoyed from the comfort of your home, by stepping into our Bio-Foam® precision impression molds, or by putting on our casting socks.

Each bespoke shoe order comes with a Zoom video call with our bespoke specialist to guide you with the foot shape acquisition process and the customization of your shoes or boots.

Common Fitting Problems

Our bespoke shoes solve the following fitting problems developed when wearing ready-to-wear dress shoes:

  • Not enough space for your insoles
  • Wide or narrow forefoot widths
  • Large or small forefoot girths
  • Sensitive big and/or small toes
  • Too much or too little toe box room in the front of the shoe
  • High or low insteps
  • Large or small instep girths
  • Wide or narrow heel widths
  • Low ankle bones
  • Pinching in the back of the heel
  • Sensitivity to pressure in specific areas throughout your feet

We never make adjustments to numbered stock lasts. The left and right shoe lasts are individually carved to properly fit each foot.