shoe last making

Exact Foot Shape Acquisition

Enjoy our exact foot shape acquisition process from the comfort of your home. During a 30 to 60 minute video call with our bespoke specialist, you will be guided on how to step into our Bio-Foam® Precision Foot Molds engineered by Smithers Bio-Medical Systems. You will be able to provide us with your exact foot shape, foot dimensions, elasticity indexes, and fitting preferences. During this video call, you will also be able to customize the shape of your lasts and the design and color of your shoes or boots. Once we receive your bespoke order, we will deliver our Bio-Foam® molds to your door through insured and trackable UPS within 2 to 4 business days or DHL Worldwide Express within 4 to 6 business days.

Our bespoke shoes by foot shape are crafted from scratch using your exact left and right foot shape, dimensions and fitting preferences so you are able to experience a true bespoke fit as well as having an unlimited range of design options. We never make adjustments to numbered stock lasts. Every set of lasts are individually created specifically for each client.

Detailed Description of our 10 Step Bespoke Shoemaking Process



A bespoke shoe or boot order may be placed through our website, by phone, or email.


Bio-Foam® Box Delivery

Once your order has been placed, on the next business day, we will ship to you an insured box with our Bio-Foam® molds and an email with your tracking number. Delivery will take 2 to 4 business days through UPS if you live inside the US or Canada, or 4 to 6 business days through DHL Worldwide Express if you live outside the US or Canada.


Zoom or Google Video Call Guidance

Once you receive our Bio-Foam® molds, you may book a Zoom or Google video conference call with our bespoke specialists using this LINK.


Content of Video Call

During the video call, which lasts anywhere between 30 to 60 minutes, we will cover the following items:
  • Go over the foot impression and foot volume acquisition process. If you use insoles when wearing your shoes, we are able to include its volume during the foot shape acquisition process.
  • We will ask you about all the fitting issues that you have experienced in the past when wearing dress shoes so we may make specific adjustments when carving your shoe lasts.
  • Guide you through all the available customizations of your shoes/boots and lasts.


Return of Bio-Foam® Box

After our video call is completed, we will ask you to use the insured and prepaid sticker return label included in the box to ship back to us the box with your foot molds.


Shoe Last & Toe Shape Blueprint Review

Once we receive your foot molds, we will email you within 2 business days a blueprint of your bespoke shoe lasts for your approval. A last is the block of wood in the shape of a shoe or boot used by the shoemaker to craft your shoes. The goal is to make sure that you are fully satisfied with how the toe box of your shoes will look. You may request as many revisions as you need. Each revision takes 1 business day for us to produce. The toe box holds 80% of the stylistic character of your shoes and we want to make sure you are fully satisfied with its shape before we begin carving your lasts.


Shoe Last Sculpting

Once you have approved the blueprint of your shoe lasts, our last maker will proceed with the physical carving of your lasts, which takes approximately 10 business days.


Shoemaking Process

Now that your bespoke lasts have been carved, our shoemaker will use your personal lasts to begin the crafting of your shoes. The shoemaking process takes a total of 12 weeks. A big portion of this time is spent allowing the leather upper to be stretched on top of your bespoke lasts so that your shoes will properly keep the shape of your lasts once they are removed from your shoes. To learn about each step of the shoemaking process, please visit our craftsmanship page.


Shoe Delivery

Your shoes, now fully completed, will be shipped to your home using insured and trackable UPS or DHL Worldwide Express within 2 to 6  business days depending on the country you live in. Your tracking number will be sent to you by email.


Putting On Your Bespoke Shoes or Boots

Once you receive your shoes or boots, please try them on while wearing the same socks you wore during your foot impression process. We believe you will experience something truly amazing if you have never tried bespoke shoes before. If at any point you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us so we may help.
Bondeno Bespoke Custom Made Shoes


More Information About Our Bespoke Shoes & Boots

Bespoke Shoe Lasts

A shoe last is the block of wood in the shape of a shoe on which the leather is stretched to craft the shoe. “Made-to-measure” shoemakers will use a stock shoe last and make slight modifications to try and match the shape and measurements of your feet. We do not offer made-to-measure services. At Bondeno, we sculpt and carve the left and right lasts from scratch using the left and right foot's shape, volume and fitting preferences because no two feet are the same. We also understand that each foot's center line/axis is unique and it rarely matches the center line/axis of an adjusted or modified stock shoe last. Carving a set of lasts with a beautiful toe shape that also provides the right fit is the standard of excellence our last makers in Italy have delivered for over 5 generations since 1908.

Custom Toe Shapes

When it comes to toe shapes, we offer the classic round, the classic square, the chisel toe, and the perfetta chisel toe.

Free Lifetime Shoe Last Adjustment Program

Our feet get wider and our arches begin to slowly fall as we age. We offer free adjustments to your bespoke lasts if needed every time you place a new order with us so that each new pair of shoes fit you as well as the last.

Our collection, Replicate or Custom Design a Pattern

During the customization process for the upper of the shoe, the client may choose one of our house styles, have us replicate a design, or commission an entire new design, within the oxford, loafer, derby, monk strap, and boot categories. The final pattern selected by the client will be custom designed using the client's custom carved lasts.

Leathers & Exotic Skins

For our shoes and boots made in calf leather, we use "Sicalf", a 1.4 mm A-Grade full-grain calfskin produced by Tanneries du Puy, stablished in 1946 in the South of France, and currently owned by the Hermès Group. We use Sicalf for its suppleness, durability, and superior quality.

We also offer exotic skins including alligator, caiman, crocodile, elephant, lizard, ostrich, python, shark, stingray, zebra, cobra, and hippopotamus. We only offer exotic skins on second time orders.

Sole Constructions

In terms of sole constructions, we offer: a single leather Blake construction known for its thin profile, weightlessness, and flexibility. A double leather Blake Rapid construction known for its thicker profile, durability and waterproofness. A full Vibram rubber Blake Rapid construction known for its flexibility and water resistance. A Goodyear welted double leather sole, known for its cork filled foot-bed that molds to your feet overtime, provides extra cushioning, it is easily resolable, and is also the most waterproof leather sole available with a double stitched out-sole.

Heel Height

A standard heel height for a pair of classic dress shoes is around 2 cm or 0.78 inches in height, depending on the length of the shoe, but you are given the option to commission a taller or shorter heel height according to your personal preferences.

Interior Heel Cushioning

We use a high density memory foam heel piece that never goes flat and provides the most comfortable cushioning of all heel pieces we have come across over the years. This feature comes standard in all of our shoes. 

Feel free to reach out to us for a complimentary consultation.