Here is a list of the most common fitting problems our custom fitted shoes can help solve:
  • Creating the right amount of space in each shoe for your insoles or orthotics
  • Creating a shoe that matches the exact width of your forefoot/ball area
  • Not enough room in the ball area of the shoe
  • Sensitive big toes
  • Sensitive small toes
  • Too much or too little toe box room in the front of the shoe
  • High or low insteps
  • Not enough room in the instep area
  • Wide or narrow heel widths
  • Heel slipping out of the shoe
  • Shoes rubbing around the ankle bones
  • Pinching or digging in the back of the heel
  • Sensitivity to pressure in specific areas throughout your feet
  • Bunions

These are the most common fitting problems we encounter on a regular basis. If your specific situation is not listed here, please contact us to verify if we may help with your specific situation.


We never make adjustments to numbered stock lasts. The left and right shoe lasts are individually carved from scratch using your foot shape to properly mold to each foot.