fit guarantee

At Bondeno, every pair of shoes is meticulously handcrafted to match the precise contours, fitting specifications, and stylistic preferences of each individual client. Should any discrepancy arise, we offer a complimentary remake, free or charge, to ensure your complete satisfaction.

We deliver to your doorstep a box that includes our Bio-Foam® foot molds and our comprehensive instructions manual that guides you on how to step in and out of our Bio-Foam® foot molds, take six pictures of each foot from specific angles, and obtain five girth measurements, meticulously defining your desired snugness or spaciousness for a customized fit.


After each bespoke shoe or boot order is completed, our quality control process proceeds with reverse engineering the exact interior dimensions of your shoes or boots to compare them with the original foot information you submitted.


The height of our arches and foot dimensions change over time due to the natural aging process of our feet. We offer free adjustments to your lasts every time you place a new order. Any adjustments to your lasts are applied to your original bespoke lasts stored at our warehouse in Italy.