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We offer 2 ways of commissioning a custom design and color.

  1. You may commission a specific design and color with the help of our bespoke specialist through a Zoom video call that you may schedule before or after you place your order. 
  2. You may email us pictures of the style and color you would like us to recreate to charles@bondenoshoes.com. You may email us before you place your order so we may confirm the details of your recreation request to make sure we can make them exactly the way you want.


    • At Home: from the comfort of your home, step in and out of our Bio-Foam® precision foot molds, engineered and made by Smithers Bio-Medical Systems in Kent, Ohio. Our unique process allows us to obtain an exact replica of each individual foot up to 2 inches above the ankle bones, including its volume, dimensions, fitting preferences, and elasticity indexes throughout different areas of your feet to arrive at a proper fitting shoe.

    Our Bio-Foam® molds are shipped to you on the next business day after we receive your order, along with a UPS tracking number. Delivery within the US takes 2-3 business days. 

    Once you receive it, you may follow our instructions manual included in the box. If any part of the manual is unclear, you may book a Zoom video call using this link to obtain live guidance from our bespoke specialist.

    If you use insoles or prescription custom orthotics, our foot shape acquisition process can also obtain their exact shape, volume, and dimensions so the exact amount of room is created for your insoles/orthotics when crafting your shoes or boots.

    To learn about our process in detail, click here.

    • By a Podiatrist: we work with Doctors of Podiatric Medicine in all 50 states and craft custom fitted shoes and boots using foot casts taken using synthetic casting socks.

    - If you place an order using this option, on the next business day, you will receive by email an insured and trackable UPS shipping label that either you or your podiatrist may use to ship us your foot casts.

    - To learn about our casting requirements that your podiatrist will need to follow when taking your foot casts, please click here.

    • Reorder: if you are a returning customer, we will use your personal bespoke lasts stored at our warehouse in Italy to craft your order.

    French Calfskin: 
    "Sicalf" 1.4 mm French full-grain A-grade calfskin tanned by Tanneries du Puy, founded in the South of France in 1946, owned by the Hermès Group. Sicalf is known for its suppleness, durability, and superior quality (details).


    We do not offer exotic leathers on first time orders. If this is a second time order, once we receive your online order, we will send you a separate e-invoice for the specific skin you have selected. For pricing and availability, please email us at info@bondenoshoes.com or call us at 212-903-5650.

     Horween shell cordoban, alligator, caiman, crocodile, elephant, lizard, ostrich, python, shark, stingray, zebra, cobra, and hippopotamus.


    • Blake Stitch: 4 mm thick, single leather sole with a close cut profile as shown in this model. Non-weatherproof (details).
    • Blake-Rapid Leather Sole: 8 mm thick, double leather sole, weatherproof, and easily resoleable (details).
    • Blake-Rapid Sneaker Sole: stitched sole construction and weatherproof (details).


    • Italian Pietro Presot Leather: leather tanned by the Pietro Presot family in Porcia, Italy, since 1932. They are known for their flexibility, impermeability and durability (details).
    • Vibram Rubber: sole known for its consistent quality of traction, durability and comfort. Adds an extra 4 mm to the thickness of the sole (details).

    • Sneaker Sole: sole known for its consistent quality of traction, durability and comfort.


    • Blake-Stitch Italian Pietro Presot Single Leather Sole: 0.79 pounds is the weight of 1 shoe that is 11 inches in length and 3.7 inches in width.

    • Blake-Rapid Italian Pietro Presot Double Leather Sole : 0.88 pounds is the weight of 1 shoe that is 11 inches in length and 3.7 inches in width.

    • Blake-Rapid Vibram Rubber Sole : 0.84 pounds is the weight of 1 shoe that is 11 inches in length and 3.7 inches in width.

    Our bespoke footwear are crafted by hand from beginning to end by our 6th generation shoemakers in Italy since 1908. Each pair of shoes or boots go through over 250 unique steps to achieve completion. Learn more about our craftsmanship here.

    Our shoes and boots are handcrafted using your exact foot shape, dimensions, fitting preferences, and elasticity indexes, or we will remake them, free of charge. Learn more here.

    Our footwear are warranted against defects in workmanship and materials. If within 12 months of receiving your order, a defect occurs as the result of normal use, we will repair the defect or remake them. Learn more here.

    The price of this order includes the sculpting of a pair of bespoke lasts. Your personal lasts will be stored at our warehouse in Italy to be used again when future orders are placed. If you would like to purchase and receive your physical bespoke lasts so a different shoemaker may craft your shoes or boots, you may purchase them here.

    If you use insoles or orthotics, we are able to obtain the exact thickness and volume of your insoles during our foot shape acquisition process so the right amount of room is created for both your feet and your insoles when we make your bespoke shoes.

    Learn about our customer's experience of our bespoke footwear here.

    12 weeks